03 November 2009

The Halloween Attempt

As we kind of imagined might be the case, once we got Jacky in his Halloween costume (no mean feat), it stayed on no longer than 40, maybe 45 seconds. However, our family papparazzo was prepared and deftly snapped some proof... my favorite above.

So, what's he dressed as? You'll have to guess... but let me give you an ENORMOUS hint and say that since this is the "freebie" year when parents get total choice on a kid's costume, I deferred to Toby. You know, the complete Star Wars geek? So obvious!


  1. Shut the door...was he Chewbacca (sp?)???
    That is so awesome. I love Toby's style.

  2. Before reading the 2nd ¶, my first guess was a squirrel. Then I immediately went to Lyle Lovett in a hoodie.

    Regardless, the Jackster is 100% adorable. So fun to watch his face morph and see both yours and Toby's features emerge even more.

  3. Haaa! Lyle Lovett?! That's the funniest thing ever, Dana. And, totally what we SHOULD have dressed him as... next year! We have the right headgear afterall.

    Nance, bingo!


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