30 January 2009

Yes we can... update!

So, the picks are in. I'm loving the fact that it's January and I've already set up a whole year of giving. As I think I mentioned before, I'm pretty into systems. This can be an overly rigid trait sometimes, but in this case, I'm owning it. Charitable giving should be done intentionally, not through accident or chance... or simply hoping I'll remember to do it.

I think I'm going to refrain from disclosing the actual organizations that I picked for small monthly gifts... It feels kind of personal. I think the areas will suffice. I decided to go with:
  • a group that works within the US for justice, 
  • a domestic group dealing with animal welfare, 
  • an international group for animals and the environment,
  • a group which feeds hungry children internationally, and
  • my local public radio station! I used to be a member, but have been freeloading for ages. This stay-at-home mommy loves her some NPR, so it's about time.
Most non-profits these days have monthly giving programs, so that's what I went with. Just a little at a time will add up. I'll probably stick with these for a while, but maybe I'll mix it up with some other causes later. I love healthy school lunch programs... especially those in which kids mess around in a school veggie garden, and then get to eat their "project" at school lunches. How awesome.

By the way, if you want to do a little reconnaissance on charities--or just find one--it's easy to look them up here.

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