22 January 2009

yes we can... from home?

On Monday, many Americans heeded the president-to-be's call for a day of national service. I LOVE this new direction from the executive branch. I believe the American people have been waiting a long time for their leaders to *ask* something of them. To motivate them to look outside their personal bubble.

I'm not proud to admit that I'm not someone who normally volunteers at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving or spends my vacations building homes for the poor. I've done volunteering in stints, but not to the degree that warrants bragging. At all. But, this year I was really hearing this call for getting out and doing something for others. It's obviously great for those you give something to, but I think this type of thing is good for the giver, too. Good for the soul.

So... only problem is that I've got this adorable, sweet, precious 7-week-old attached to my hip (and other body parts). We're not quite at the stage of getting out and volunteering all day, or even part. So, when the babe and I were stopped on 24th street the other day by those people with clipboards, I actually stopped and said, Yes I would love to join your charity/activist/philanthropic group and give a set amount of money every month.

If I can't get out and help people in person, I figure can help fund those groups who do this work every day. And so, being someone who *adores* systems, I'm going to make a list of causes that I care about and divide up a monthly "money pie" of regular contributions. For me, these are causes like the environment, animal welfare, women and children in impoverished nations, justice, healthy food in schools... I'll report back with my picks!

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