06 December 2011

yin & yang | onyx & orb

Dark and light. Pain and pleasure.

It's been tough around here lately. Over the weekend, Toby's slightly sore back turned into a full-blown seize-up. The really bad kind: stuck on the floor, waves of spasms and pain. Fast-forward through an ambulance call, an ER visit and finally the right drugs. He's home and getting very slowly better. We're just trying to ride it out, but it's a tough to have my usually very able parenting partner out of commission. And in pain. That's been hard to watch.

So, today... the nanny is here, Jacky is off to the zoo, I can turn back to some making, and Toby can rest. We're stable and "normal" is making an appearance here and there.

And there's a nice distraction, a good way to start the day: Onyx & Orb, a Brooklyn-based online shop (and friends of my brother), has launched their Winter site, featuring some exclusives I created for them last month. It feels good to see work come to fruition. Things are moving forward.


  1. Beautiful as usual. Love the pillows and napkins. I hope Toby feels way better, very soon. Back pain is the worst.

  2. sorry about the back pain... i'm glad he's on the mend...

    and can we discuss the creations?! so pretty!!

  3. oh no! poor toby. rest up, papa. and you know i love love love seeing your beautiful textiles in new places! congrats. :-)

  4. My husband went through 2 decades of major back trouble. I'm convinced it is related to stress more than anything. Hopefully Toby is better now! Ice, stretching, and chiro work best for us.


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