22 August 2010

the garlic cure

Recently, garlic killed my cold. Seriously. When you get that itchy, tickly feeling in the back of your throat, what do you reach for? I've tried Zicam and other stuff... or just ignoring it and then suffering for a few days... but I recently read that raw garlic stimulates an immune system response which turns the jets on the cold bugs. And this "medicine" is probably sitting on your kitchen counter. Sounds pretty good, eh? 

People I tell you: raw garlic WORKS. I've tried it a couple of times, first on mild cases and more recently on a stronger bug caught from Jacky. Knocked it right out by the next morning, no TheraFlu required (though I love that stuff). Which was great, considering my to-do list at work was horrifying.

So, how to take it? Well, you have to mince the garlic, and just about one small clove will do. One time, I ate it straight, all at once, and nearly puked (and I really, REALLY like garlic). I've had more success putting it on a cracker, sometimes even topped with soft cheese. Last time, having no soft cheese on hand, I plopped on some Greek yogurt. Worked great.

Next time you feel "the tickle", try garlic! Or maybe you already do this? I'd be curious to know how it works for others. 

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  1. I am always looking for natural cures for both colds and sore throats. I don't have an issue with 'non-natural' medicine, like Zicam or Thera-flu, but knowing that it's just a temporary band-aide, and other issues as well (i.e. taste for some, weird side affects for others)... I'm up for any more effective ways to shorted the cold and ease my 'misery':). Some that I've tried are [very potent] lemon juice mixed into water, strange tea concoctions (with green onions, ginger, etc.), & cayenne pepper. Next time, I'll have to try the garlic!


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