01 May 2012

round two: ding!

sooo... this has been happening. 14.5 weeks | due on my bday in late Oct!
via me, on Instagram
Hello! I recently got ID'd as prego by a stranger at the farmer's market, so it looks like it's time to go public. With the most subtle belly shot ever, no less ;)

So. Something I never thought I'd do was announce a pregnancy via social media. Never say never I guess. Next I'll be tweeting the birth. (Something else I swore was impossible! Actually, having gone through natural childbirth once already I can attest that tweeting while birthing is impossible. Heck, I'm not even sure I was aware of the existence of the internets while birthing.)

But here we are! Bébé #2 in the oven, clocking in at 14.5 weeks, due on my birthday (or thereabouts) in late October. Happy Birthday me! Actually, this due date is super sweet to me: it basically means my mom and I were/are carrying, birthing, nurturing a precious little one at the exact same time of year. I love stuff like that.

This pregnancy has been going smoothly. Showing MUCH earlier this time around. Feeling the baby move much earlier, since about a week ago. I had a week or two of feeling grossed out at night, but nothing too tough. Well, actually, it turns out it's harder expecting while taking care of another little one. DUH. Oh, the sleep I got the first time around. The naps, the leisure! The meeeee time.

Speaking of the first offspring, a funny/sweet story: We recently told Jacky the big news, but it was almost, like... a formality? He kind of already knew. Even before I knew, he was peppering me with questions about pregnant ladies... what they like, what they do, etc. (Me: Hmmm...?) Then, once it was go-time, he turned into "big-brother prepper." I found him in his closet pulling out out-grown clothes and shoes... you know, for when his new baby comes. He would finish up meals promptly, saying he had to be all done before his new baby comes. (We're working on the gestation timing aspect.) It kind of went on and on like that... which was amusing. Finally, we picked up the thread with him and confirmed about all this new baby business. He's super excited but continues to maintain his own theories about childbirth: "No, Mommy, the baby isn't in your tummy. The baby comes in the baby car seat!" Well, no one could call him anti-safety. We continue to work on the details :)

I was lax in the belly shot department last time around. I may have even taken just one shot--sad!--and it was the day before labor. Maxxximum belly! But, I didn't blog back then, and I guess working in an office gives you no end of attention? I admit I kind of miss that about "real job" life: the daily belly chats and kudos for well-played prego outfits. So, perhaps this time around I'll devote myself better to the belly shot task. It'll be a good fashion motivator, at least!


  1. BLAKE! This is such fabulous news. I am so, so happy for you and your family. Congratulations!

  2. Yay! Congratulations! Best wishes for a calm & happy pregnancy <3
    Tina Maidhof

    1. Thanks Tina! And, congrats to you -- I hear you're engaged! xoxo

  3. i can't wait for baby bump couture.

  4. I knew it! So very happy for you all. x

  5. You are a super stylish pregnant lady. I remember you wearing those sassy black ankle strap heels up until the end!

    1. Ha. I really was committed to the footwear, no? Going to try to channel at least the spirit, if not the heel height :)

  6. i just realized i hadn't commented on this official statement yet.
    i'm sure my response will shock you, too:

  7. All of those comments by Jacky are adorable! And it is very cool that you will be connecting with your mom through the timing of this pregnancy. I love stuff like that too. So good to hear that you had a fairly easy first trimester!


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