10 December 2010

friday :: pretty

~pretty, pretty paperwhites~
Have a beautiful weekend!

06 December 2010

because boys need to nurture too

Allow me to introduce our home's newest, cuddliest friend...

aw, baby doll

"Baby Doll" -- made by yours truly for Jacky's birthday. 

He had been requesting a doll for a while, after seeing some pictures of them in books. He stared and stared at the photos, intrigued and strangely shy. As his birthday drew near, I checked in with him again ("are you sure? you still want a doll?" mm-hmm.). I dove in and made one, hoping he'd actually like it.

Birthday morning: I placed Baby in a cluster of stuffed animals and waited for him to notice... Instantly: "baby doll!"  KISS. Cuddle.

All together... awwwwwww.

aw, baby doll

Inspired by Waldorf dolls, and a Martha riff in this crafting encyclopedia. Fashioned out of too-small jammies and mama love. Awwwww.

aw, baby doll


03 December 2010

lately, early december

morning, december 1
best breakfast backdrop
winter jammies, panda & comfort
fall morning: warm jammies, panda & a little comfort
inherited begonia
new houseplants: begonias from mother-in-law, an expert houseplant keeper
inherited begonia
i've long admired this plant at the in-law's. those spots are perfectly silver, and the leaf shape is like wings
country loaf - hemispheres
the bread is non-stop. so addictive to bake--eating is the bonus
country loaf
mmm, holey deliciousness
paperwhites, getting started
...and a little later. baby flowers, in utero
walnuts and amaryllis, emerging
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