13 April 2012

garden friday | thunder and sun

On the morning news today, San Francisco's rainfall was at the top of the list, which never happens (thankfully, I guess). Nearly TWO inches in less than a day. Insane. Plus? A crazy, cracking thunderstorm that lasted for hours. They usually don't last long enough for me here in Northern California. I think my memories of San Diego's violent, seemingly house-splitting thunder are still really strong. And it seemed like there were thunderstorms there all the time. I guess I miss them. Guess I like 'em.

Today, the sun is out again. Project Playhouse is underway. The head builder and his apprentice are trying to co-exist with power tools and lumber long enough to get a big chunk of the structure complete today. Me, I bring tea and snacks and keep out of the way. I've already been put on notice that no girls (much less moms) will be admitted. Seriously, where do they learn this stuff? Is it tucked away in that Y chromosome? I just laugh. He's requested curtains, so I know I'll be admitted at least once :)

gf 041312
peas, trucks and chicken wire. a garden in transition.

gf 041312
apple blossoms. I just love them.

gf 041312
more 'Gravenstein' blossoms

gf 041312
the next row of salads. accompanied by the ever-present arugula volunteer. to think I almost bought arugula seeds this year!

gf 041312
borrowed beauty. every Spring, our neighbor's monster 'Cecil Brunner' rose blankets the fence with an avalanche of delicate pink blooms. it's almost time.

gf 041312
and what's this? oh, only one of my favorite non-edibles. if it flowers, i'll die happy.

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Those apple blossoms are so pretty! And how fun that Jacky is getting a cool playhouse. I miss thunder too. We had about a minute of it up here in the mountains. I only remember 1 thunderstorm in my 6 years of San Diego! (maybe it's just raining less there these days...).

  2. A favorite non-edible??
    So hard to identify those seedling leaves, so do tell.
    Matilija poppy?

  3. here's what's happening right now:
    "oooh! mama! i want to see that garden picture with that excavator! whose excavator is that?!"

    "it's jacky's."

    "i really really want to go to jacky's house to play with those excavators in that garden!!"

    "someday, buddy... someday!"


    1. So sweet! Yes, definitely someday! We would all love it :)


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