23 May 2010

garden update: mid-May

After a spell of really rainy, windy, gray weather, we were pleasantly surprised with a sunny weekend! So, I was finally motivated to take some more photos of the vegetable garden exuberance. El niƱo might be acting up, but the garden is bursting at the seams.

For those playing along at home:

- Edibles enjoyed so far: all the radishes, tons of carrots, scallions, peas, fava beans, spinach, arugula, all herbs, lettuces, fennel, beets, kale, chard.

- Bolted/out/over: arugula (made honey-smelling flowers), cilantro, mesclun, giant spinach (see flowers below), 'sea of red' lettuce (aphids).

- Currently eating: fava beans, baby spinach, peas, more carrots, fennel, all herbs, kale, chard, scallions, purple basil (some leggy seedlings met the salad bowl tonight rather than the plot).

- Next: squashes, cucumbers, pole beans, melon, more basil, summer flowers.

garden mid-may 2010
Fava beans (center), 'cosmic purple' carrots (left), peas (right)

ripening blueberries
Blueberries, ripening in the sun

'heaven on earth' roses
'Heaen on Earth' roses. Way too much rain lately, but some blossoms made it.

'tall telephone' peas
'Tall Telephone' peas -- up to about 8' now

'laxton's progress' peas
'Laxton's Progress' peas -- earliest harvest, super sweet

mexican sour gherkins
Mexican Sour Gherkin

lovely greens: chard & kale
Chard, Marigolds and Kale

giant spinach flowers
'Giant Spinach' flowers -- I let a few crops go to flower so far, just to see what they'd look like. These are a few feet tall and kind of hairy in between the tiny petals.

basil, ready for transplanting
Basil, ready for transplanting. I've also started 25 new basil plants indoors... I can see the future, and it is PESTO.

artichokes & sunflowers
Artichokes & Sunflower babies

tomatillo & tomato alley
Tomatillo & Tomato alley. I started with 20 seedlings, gave some away and composted a few... We're now down to a manageable 10 or 11.

'violet jasper' tomato
'Violet Jasper' tomato

espalier: gravenstein apple
'Gravenstein' apple espalier

blackberries, setting flower
Blackberry flowers

summer crops are started
Summer in the works: squashes, cucumbers, melon, basil and hot peppers


  1. oh my goodness. i can't believe those fava beans!!!! incredible. and i'm extremely jealous of your tomato plants. sigh. the way the plants smell is one of my most favorite scents in the whole world.

  2. Love it all!

    Does it take quite awhile for the tomatillo's to fruit? This is my first year planting them and I've had tons of flowers but nothing else yet.

    I've got those same hairy spinach flowers, too! ;)

    Also, what type of mixture are you using with your seedlings?

  3. So jealous. It's really looking great.

    Just put a pizza in the oven and I can't wait to eat it. Garlic, ricotta, smoked provolone, anchovies and pecorino. It's going to be great.

  4. K: thanks! maybe you can give 'em a sniff in person this w/e?!

    Kim: This is actually my first time growing tomatillos, too. They're a little puzzling -- but it sounds like our plants are doing the exact same thing. So, maybe they're doing the "right" thing?? My seed-starting set-up is actually the Bio Dome from Park Seed co. I really, really like using it and have been for a few years. The seeds germinate in the little sponge-like plugs, which go right in the ground for transplanting. Along with a warming mat and lighting set-up, I get really good germination results with this system.

    LoA: YUM! Hope it was as tasty as it sounds!

  5. Thanks for letting me know! My tomatillos are still not doing much. I've seen a few papery pods but they're still pretty small. I'll have to check out the Bio Dome.


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